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A Community Effort

June 5, 2005

When thousands of people converge on the Plains for the Dixie Youth World Series from August 7-13, it will take a small army of volunteers to operate this massive tournament. 

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“I am in need of volunteers because we can always use more help,” said Greg Sellers, the volunteer coordinator.  “We need people to help roll out the welcome mat.”


Sellers is helping out with the tournament for personal reasons.


“I do it because I love baseball and this community,” he said.  “We have an opportunity to show people from 11 different states what we can pull off and how wonderful this area is.”


Thanks to the efforts of Debbie Bagwell and Mona Callahan each of the 24 teams will be assigned a host family, who will check on the team and attend all the functions with the team.


“It just adds a personal touch to the tournament,” Bagwell said.  “Basically, they act like ambassadors to the city.”


Assisting Sellers with finding workers is Boyd Brady, who is in charge of organizing volunteers for the concession stands.


Numerous people affiliated with the Auburn Athletic Department are also graciously volunteering their time and services.


Members of the Athletic Directors Club are driving the golfcarts around during the tournament and are running errands.


“We are a group of volunteers just looking for the opportunity to help out,” said Harold Holsenbeck, captain of the Athletic Directors Club.  “We act as hosts during all university athletic events, and we are pleased to expand outside of the university to Dixie Youth Baseball.”


Likewise, the Diamond Club, which supports the development of Auburn baseball, will act as the official host and hostess of the Dixie Youth World Series. 


“We are big supporters of Auburn University baseball and that just naturally leads to other baseball,” said Marylou Matthews of the Diamond Club.  “We just want to help out and do our part.”


Also, Bob Whittenburg, who works in the Auburn Ticket Office, is coordinating the ticket sales for the Dixie Youth World Series and will be operating the ticket booths in front of the Bo Cavin fields at Duck Samford Complex on Airport Road.  Joining Whittenburg in the booths will be members of the Auburn and War Eagle Lions Clubs.


Providing support from the Auburn Chamber of Commerce will be the diplomats, who are the official representatives of the chamber.


“Our volunteers will be working in the hospitality areas, where they will be the official host and hostess,” said Lolly Steiner of the chamber.  “The chamber is involved because this is an opportunity to be a part of an event that showcases our town, and it is to our benefit to be a part of the Dixie Youth World Series.”


“Without volunteers, this tournament would be impossible to run,” said Ron Anders, chairman of the host committee.  “Anyone who would like to help out is more than welcome to volunteer for this worthy event.”


If anyone would like to volunteer, please fill out the volunteer application form online at the official Auburn Dixie World Series website,  Otherwise, volunteers can download it and mail the completed form to address listed at the bottom of the application.


Next month, the unsung heroes of the Dixie Youth Baseball World Series will be highlighted.

Kimberly Shumack